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Hello. I’m Della O’Brien, and I write the blog Island Sun Healing.

Island Sun Healing is a blog about Reiki. I created it so those needing healing could find it and heal through my guided meditations and Distance Reiki Sessions.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing modality in which the practitioner uses their hands to move the subtle energy, also referred to as Chi or Lifeforce energy, with the goal of removing energy blocks, transmuting negative energy to positive energy, or balancing energy. Those who receive Reiki treatments enjoy many benefits, including a decrease in anxiety or relief from a cold. More on that in a bit.

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The History of Reiki

Mikao Usui discovered Reiki during a 21-day fast when he was a Buddhist monk, and he opened his first Reiki clinic in Tokyo in 1922. Then, he trained Master Chujiro Hyashi, who helped Usui further develop the practice by adding the hand positions that are used to facilitate Reiki healing today.

Dr. Hyashi also improved the attunement process, which is used to attune Reiki students so they can be Reiki Practitioners. Additionally, he met Madame Hawayo Takata, originally one of his clients. After learning to practice Reiki, Madame Takata brought Reiki to the United States.

Mrs. Takata learned everything Dr. Usui taught Dr. Hyashi and used it to spread Reiki to the West. She attuned approximately 22 Reiki Practitioners before she passed away.

How Reiki Works

Reiki is categorized into three main stages of expertise:

  • first degree

A Reiki Practitioner can heal herself and others.

  • second degree

The second-degree practitioner can heal others
from a distance, also known as distance healing.

  • third degree

The third and highest degree is the ultimate level, where the
Practitioner is thoroughly equipped with
the necessary knowledge and skill to teach and attune
others to the practice of reiki.

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What to Expect During a Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a holistic form of healing without the use of medications. After asking the client for permission to channel Reiki for them, the Reiki Practitioner typically places his or her hands over the client. Then, the recipient receives energy to enhance the natural healing processes. Reiki can zero in on the illness or injury to commence the healing process.

Some clients feel Reiki as it moves through their body during the session, and some do not. You might see images or have a sudden blast of emotion. Everyone’s experience is different.

Reiki Practitioners channel Chi into their clients to:

  • circulate their Chi
  • remove blockages
  • heal illness
  • promote wellness
  • promote mental health
  • and more.

What is a Distance Reiki Session?

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Distance Reiki involves energy healing performed remotely. The Law of Similarity explains how that’s possible.

According to Krantz and Schwartz, the gestalt grouping law referred to as The Law of Similarity states that similar elements are often seen as a group. For example, features like size, color, and patterns of energy that are similar are often grouped as a unit- for example, energy centers (chakras), etc.

The law states that these grouped items can stand in for one another and what happens to one item happens to another. There’s one type of distance healing that is a perfect example of the law in effect. That is the mini-me technique.

The mini-me technique happens when a practitioner performs a Distance Reiki treatment on a doll or some other semblance of a client in place of the client. The practitioner holds their hands in various positions, as she would on the client in a regular session, and the Law of Similarity ensures the client receives treatment as the session is performed with the doll.

According to Healthline, Reiki, chakra balancing, and aura cleansing are three energy healing practices that can be performed remotely.

Distance Reiki Methods

One way practitioners perform Distance Reiki is virtually, through popular apps, like FaceTime. The practitioner and the client have an appointment on FaceTime, throughout which the practitioner focuses Reiki energy on the client’s image on the screen. Appointments using similar applications work similarly.

However, sometimes the practitioner directs Reiki towards a client’s name and image in a Reiki box method, which allows several people to receive Reiki treatments simultaneously. The practitioner places several names and images in the box and directs Reiki over them.

Other methods involve a practitioner focusing Reiki energy upon a location on a map. This works for people, natural disasters, drought, etc.

One of my favorite ways of performing a Distance Reiki treatment when I first started doing Reiki was using rocks from the Salish Sea. I still do this sometimes because it’s a great way to treat someone with severe social anxiety issues who is not interested in communicating much with the practitioner.

To do this, I perform a Reiki Session on the rock, while holding the image and name of the client in my mind. After I’ve treated the rock, I give it to the client who can use it as a healing instrument as they wish.

One method that’s popular among my clients is to place the Reiki Rock under their pillow while sleeping, allowing the Reiki energy to flow through them while they rest, healing and adjusting energy as necessary.

Here’s what you can expect from this blog:

Within this website, you’ll find information about Reiki, guided meditations infused with Reiki, and other tools you can use to heal yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You’ll also find links that you can click to make donations to Island Sun Healing.

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